Tucker Properties Ltd. New Home Construction

At TPL, we are committed to planning, designing and building the best homes we can possibly build, whether one of our own spec home designs or a unique custom-build just for you. We take pride in each and every home, and in each and every relationship we develop, whether a first-time or a fifth.

We are fully committed to every client’s needs, big or small. We believe constant contact at every stage of the building process is critically important to ensuring a smooth an error-free building process, so each client is continually- and acutely-aware of his or her new home’s status, changes, progress, etc. We encourage walkthroughs at the various stages, i.e., framing, electrical, drywall, painting, cabinets/trims, pre-final and final. This way there are no surprises and minimal chance for errors and uncertainties! Regular conversations with our clients ensure we are always on top of what every homeowner wants, and the homeowner knows how his or her house looks at every stage. A win-win for everyone!!

We hire the absolute best trades-people in their respective fields to deliver the unique skills of their respective specialties, from draftsmen to surveyors, roofers to siders, insulators to drywallers, plasterers to flooring installers and finish carpenters. Attention to the finest detail is paid at each and every stage and to each and every task, minor and major!!

We want to make sure that, at the end of every build, each client is totally satisfied with their experience and with the level of professional service they have received, whether it was a custom-build process or a spec home purchase. We focus heavily on our after-sale service and client satisfaction, because (1) you deserve it, and (2) we want to make sure you are still happy after the sale as well, and that you strongly consider TPL for your next home, and recommend us to your friends and colleagues.